Welcome!! Please read before claiming.

Live Sale Information

Live Sales on TikTok are the best way to get a look at our amazing and unique inventory. You can view and claim items in real time, learn about the properties of various minerals, and connect with other amazing crystal lovers!

Follow us on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook (@themysticalmadhouse) to stay up to date with new inventory. You can also purchase Mystical Mystery Boxes from the website. We would love to have the opportunity of intuitively choosing crystals and items that will fit your personal style and lifestyle needs. There is a spot to leave notes during checkout. If desired, we can also make a packing video of your mystery box to post after you receive it (or before if you so desire.)
Rules & Guidelines
  • Please claim items by commenting the number and/or letter associated with the item. This method may vary per item. The number called or listed will be the price of said item. The letter helps us to better stay organized with claims.  
  • Please wait to claim an item until after it's assigned number and/or letter have been announced. 
  • Invoices will be posted on our website every Sunday and you will have until the following Wednesday to complete the payment. Your invoice will include any and all claims that you have made throughout the week. If your invoice is not paid on time, it will be considered an unpaid basket and cancelled. If you would like to close out earlier and not wait until Sunday, please let us know if in the LIVE show, by email, or using the contact page found on the website. 
  • If for some reason you need more time, or find yourself in a hard spot, please contact us and we can try to work something out. While we aren't able to ship your order until the full payment is made, we understand that life happens and we will try to accommodate during hard times. Just try not to make it a habit.
  • If you would like to keep an open basket in order to have everything shipped out at once, possibly helping to meet the free shipping threshold, please DM us or let us know during a live show. We can keep an open basket for two weeks, or one billing cycle. 
  • Shipping is done through USPS or UPS. Shipping starts at $6 and calculates through USPS Flat Rate Shipping. USPS is used for larger or significantly fragile orders. Free shipping for orders over $144 for Live Sale claims and orders through website. Shipping is free for all Mystical Mystery Boxes. 
  • We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen packages for obvious reasons. Please understand that we have very good packing and shipping techniques to ensure your products will arrive in amazing condition, BUT if there is a mishap, please don't hesitate to contact us!
  • We typically offer one to two Live Sales per week.
  • There can be a short delay on the Live Sale feed, so you may see comments come through before the video catches up. If you experience a lag, try exiting, refreshing, and/or reopening the app.
  • The first comment that we see on our screen with a claim will receive the item. The app will often show your own comment first on your screen, but keep in mind that it may look different on ours. 
  • This is a chance to not only purchase amazing minerals, crystals, and other items, but to gain knowledge, meet other like minded individuals, and get a better understanding for the mineral world in general.
  • Please remember to be courteous, mature, and responsible during the Live Sales. Bullying and negativity will not be tolerated as we strive to keep a positive, welcoming, fun, and educationally productive space that everyone can enjoy. We truly appreciate the support!